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Psychological Expansion3/5/06
A complete reformation 3/3/06
Speak in codes3/2/06Iíve got filters on 3/2/06


letting go aint easy.. 12/28/05


A Wonderful Day... a STrange Dream 10/21/05
My favorite day of the year! 10/17/05
The FLU! Curable without a shot! (long time now)- 10/12/05

How do you think they do it? (What do you think they're up to?)- 10/12/05

Synchronicities, Simplicities - 10/10/05
Those wiley words - 10/7/05
An expansion - 10/7/05
Watch out for deception-cons - 10/6/05

Psychological Expansion 3/5/06

					I had a dream about today, not too long ago,
		and it did indeed stand up for what it had to show,
			which was the way for me,  and I could see, 
				that I had some more thinking to do about it.
		But at least it appeared, and was full of good information,
			and I do feel like it fully delivered.

				Now i must come up with a way to redeliver it.
					New and improved! Back in better, whack-attack form,
						ready to bust your, well, it's not warm, it's HOT!
				And why, not? you got it on sale, now pass the deal on to me,


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A complete reformation 3/3/06


					<		c		>



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Speak in codes 3/2/06

			I speak in codes.  JS
		for example, hahahha, I chatted in poker
			but i meant Jack of Spades
		i realized it also was Jack Shit.

		That i pondered for awhile
			soon went and jumped ship.
		My eyes were hazy,  i could see
			but we played indefinitely

		...  and i lost you see, my sight
		one night, and it was blurry,
		i was in a hurry,
... but the music still played along to my beat
and i moved quick on my feet,
to dance, to breath, to drink, to stay alive
guess that is what it makes me feel inside.




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I've got filters on 3/2/06

				Tune out your inbox, 
			we're takin off, the headphones, 
				like rocks in our ears,
			covering up what we can hear,
				and like a spear, 
			that buzzing sound, always fuzzing 'round
				our ears like pests,
			little specs of energy
				floating in between the space
			we cannot SEE.

				Turn up your stereo, dude, 
			'cause they've got an attitude,
				don't be rude, but if they are
			you didn't have to give 'm a scar

				Uncork this jar and let my brain crawl out
						I can see fear, -ly and i just want to get it out

			with this TOOL, 
			with this SCHOOL,
				grow until you are larger tahn a rock,
				and then we will teach you how to talk,
				walk, run, jump and FLY,
				but if you do not open your third EYE,

			you can never see,
			what is left in 
				a seemingly bleak
			of emptiness and pain,
			and other things in vain,
				like formatting of this poem,
			wherever I roam i shall share you this rant
			or that,
				and do not ever tell me you can't
			because WE ALL CAN SEE
				in deaf innate ly


			Sorry if that one hurt,
i've lost my ability to coordinate
	oh NO! the Poles are shifting,
	better start lifting the veil,
	or it will come down and impale,
	on you on a larger scale!
(thisis what you call hell)



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letting go ain't easy 12/28/05


				I almost can't focus on the light right now.
		Or maybe that is all i can see.
					SOmewhere i am hurting,
				here i am writing.
		I just want to fly,
			away out of this hard knocked life,
		where the pain doesn't injur,
				and the friends all remain.
				I must be insane.
			Could it be a shortage of rain?
		in the sky? why i cry? 
				rivers and valleys,
					they live down the alleys.

			Oh, my tears will wash away.
				i have set my plans as well.
				d, out, lost in traces
			of thought strung together
				with cups, overflowing.

			is it this high,
				where i float instead
			take deep breaths,
			i	 feel 	each 			one

			and i am whole,
			right now and free,

				spinning, reeling.. too much feeling
				left for loving.
				Left for giving.
				I see where this is going, 
				i dont thing it has stopped,
				have i let go, i dont know.

				Can i jump?  can i let go and fly?


				i have this memory,
			it interrupts this thought,
				about jumping from planes,
			once is all you taught.

				If that were to have persisted,
			i would have insisted, defeat.
				Because I"m not about to repeat my fall,
			my fall from everything that would be.

				And now, that's why i feel empty.

			Or is that emptiness, this insanity.
			i don't know, you tell me...
			why i should live in reality,
			seems whenever i come down,
			we aren't playin around no more,



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Making up for lost time (sometimes you gotta) 11/20/05

			Alright, despite the lapse in time, let me back up.  
			I need to make some changes, add some updates.  I need to rename things, and upload pictures.
			I need to make this disconnect, reconnect again, as I am scattered, all over the place.
			Perhaps there is a way, 
				perhaps you will be able to see this someday.
			I should combine them, make them one.
				Give into the sun, and really make things easy on myself.
			Links and interesting thoughts you've missed, are all coming.
			Crazy collages, which need finishing.
			Task lists which I have not even begun.
			Oh, when will find time for rest, when there is so much to be done.
			Why, oh why, without ____ will wishes wash waywardly?



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The Vortex is Sucking.... hard (i.e. Sunday has become Monday) 11/06/05!!!!

 NOTE: interpretation below
			Well, the Vortex is officially sucking even harder and faster than it was before.
			Kiss goodbye to having time to do much of anything.  If you don't dive right into 
			the flow and learn how to speed up your productivity, you too will be sucked away
			with it.  

			I myself have avoided falling off the skunk roller coaster all but completely,
			and though it was a hairy and sometimes frightening ride, I managed to hold my own.
			I cannot say the same for the rest of the poor shlubs i left behind in the mess, but
			to each his own.  

			In anycase, This Large Vortex of Swirling Spinning Spiraling time and space,
			has no elapsed in your mind and you will not remember this once you have began.

			This is merely an informative message, meant to plant a seed in your head,
			only to grow and errupt with ______ many many years later.
let's all take a deep breath and accept our fate.

-----------for those of you not educated in Genspeak, i'm saying:----------
			Technology is advancing so fast anymore, even I, a computer scientist, cannot keep up.
			I hardly know what a Podcast is. Sure, i'm not a big apple fan and i do not own an ipod
			(oh, i have an mp3 player, with a 1 GB jump drive).  In any case, the terminology 
			has long lost even those creating it (thus the Sucking Vortex).  
			PSPs, DVDs, Mp3s, we are headed down a technology big giant sucking vortex.

			Ok, to be a little less serious now, I just realized, fuck it, I do not need a new stereo.

			Here is why:
				1) I can listen to the radio through my computer.
				2) Analog music is officially dead and has been for years.  
				3) Digital has gone wireless
				4) MP3s, DVDs, IPODs, PSPs, in 3 years, stereos will be extinct anyway.  So 
			will CDs.  Everything will be wirelessly streaming into your blackberry.  



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Peach Cobbler 11/01/05


Happy Halloween!

Sorry it is a bit late. It was a great party weekend though, and i got to hang out with great friends! <3 !!! Here's some poetry inspired by just the sitting still and listening i got yesterday: Godly And here's today cooking tip: - When a recipe calls for melted butter, (tblsp or two), toss them in a glass measuring cup (a bowl will work but prefer a handle) and put them in the microwave for < 30 seconds. Take it out and it may not all be melted, but the melted part is probably already too hot. If you hold the cup/bowl safely by the cool part (handle or edges), and swish it around. The too hot butter will melt the cooler butter and you will not be adding too hot butter to your recipe. You're also saving yourself by not exposing yourself to even more microwaves and electricity bills.

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A Wonderful Day... a STrange Dream 10/21/05

			cool dream site - Dream Moods


Have a great Friday!!

strange dream from last night: So i travelled to Glasglow, Scotland. It was Saturday night, and I accidentally explored the ATP, which was apparently a train station to which few trains came (only about two) at the time I needed to return, since I had to work the next Monday morning ,and it was Sunday already. At one point while waiting for the train station, I wondered for the bathroom, but came upon a haunted house, with giant crawling creatures, and they were. I got kinda freaked out, but realized it was meant to look scary all the same, and somehow I ran through it, escaping. Still not getting to pee ;_) Eventually, obviously, I was able to return from there. INdeed, I do travel other places whilst I sleep. Interesting dream fact from today's website: (33% - ok 8%) In your lifetime, you would've spent about 6 years of it dreaming. That is more than 2,100 days spent in a different world.

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My favorite day of the year! 10/17/05

			Yep, October 17th, i guess i really like it because it is always the most beautiful day in fall,
			my favorite season.  And it is a full moon today, which just enriches the magical aspect and surroundings.

			I had a pretty good day too.  Now it is late (early into tomorrow) and I still am full of energy left from the day.
			Ahhh, I had lots of good thoughts to post up here.
				But tonight, i'm just going to offer a really awesome link:

			Yea, i never really leave quotes... but i definitely think some people were given a great gift of sharing words..

				and pictures say a thousand words..
			perhaps i'll still leave you with emptiness.


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The FLU! Curable without a shot! (long time now)- 10/12/05

			So this truely convinces me that they put something in those, 
			even more so because the shots used to make me sick.
			No need for a shot, any time you're feeling ill, 
			just pour hydrogen peroxide into your ears and let fizz
			for 5 to 10 min.. Or swish it around in your mouth.
			SImplest home remedy and people have known about it for years.[source]
			Conjecture: So why the flu shot?  So you don't have to 
			perform this hydro peroxide manuver IF you start to feel ill?
			I think it is the persistence of prescription drugs that
			this country has its people on.  Old people used to die because they were old.
				NOT because they couldn't afford their medications anymore...


How do you think they do it? (What do you think they're up to?)- 10/12/05

			I am not a suspicious person.  But I am also not a dumb person.
			They must be smart or manipulating or powerful enough to get to where they've gotten to
			which leads me to believe that they are up to SOMETHING, and if it is just making $$$
			or should i say $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
			off of us, then WHY, why do we let it continue?  Hopefully we do not believe that 
			THEY are looking out for our best interests, when it is clear that they are NOT.
			LOOK at what they  DO not what they say.


<@> yesterday's Poem --> (click here)

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Synchronicities, Simplicities - 10/10/05

			Some good things to keep in mind, about life:
			* Only for amusement purposes (i.e. not to be taken too seriously, even Gen!)
			* Things are impermanent and constantly changing, so don't get attached ;)

Never Forget!

To notice the little things: -that pick you up when you are down, -that people do for you, -that you do for other people, -the Synchronicities! oh joyous coincidence;)? and now, a Poem --> (click here)

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Those wiley words - 10/7/05

			In news from Genland:  
				Tags, tagging, labels, categories, whatever you wanna call them online, 
				they are the newest and hottest way to organize your online data.
			From gmails, to shopping lists on ebay, to lists of things and places
			letting users choose their own way of organizing their online data is where the web is headed.
			Just think, in 20 years, how much more data will have amassed on the internet.  

			New data storage is built everyday, while much more also dies, and goes out.

			This is very similar to the cycles of life, the cycles of machines.
			Computers as well, and yes, the matrix.  The way our lives revolve around the ticking of time,
			just as much as the computer does.  If you think about it, the movie the Matrix isn't too far off
			from possibility -- something soon scientists will reveal the universe as being full of.
			And the current 'known' size of the universe, is perceptably infinite to us.
			The truth of the matter is, we could exist in a perfectly balanced, huge, humungous, 
			ginormous universe with a 'finite' size.  Finite only to some higher-level perception.
			And of course, that is subjective.  As all perceptions are.


An expansion - 10/7/05

			Four agreements to live by:
			* Be impeccable to your word
			* Don't take things personally
			* Don't make assumptions
			* Always do your best


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Watch out for deception-cons - 10/6/05

			So, my friend (w.k.) tells me yesterday that NYC is going on some sort of subway
			alert, and that the 'president' claims there are bombs in baby carriages.  Ridiculous,
			my friend commented, that they are not even trying to make up a good distraction.
			From what I wondered.  I've got my assumptions.  
			However, if they are not good enough to create a good distraction, then how can they 
			be good at what they are trying to distract from.  I would think that their focus
			remains somewhat divided.